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A Little Ain't Enough

Record must be washed before using
Artist: David Lee Roth
Country: Europe
Released: 1991
Style: Hard Rock
Format: LP
Media condition: EX+
Sleeve condition: EX

A Little Ain't Enough is the third full-length studio album by David Lee Roth, released on January 15, 1991 through Warner Music Group. It was certified gold on April 11, 1991

Track list:
1. "A Lil' Ain't Enough" Robbie Nevil, David Lee Roth 4:42
2. "Shoot It" Gregg Bissonette, Nevil, Roth, Brett Tuggle 4:13
3. "Lady Luck" Craig Goldy, Roth 4:40
4. "Hammerhead Shark" Eric Lowen, Roth, Preston Sturges 3:34
5. "Tell the Truth" Steve Hunter, Roth, Tuggle 5:18
6. "Baby's on Fire" Hunter, Roth, Tuggle 3:22
7. "40 Below" Hunter, Roth, Tuggle 4:54
8. "Sensible Shoes" Dennis Morgan, Roth, Sturges 5:09
9. "Last Call" Matt Bissonette, Gregg Bissonette, Rocket Ritchotte, Roth, Tuggle 3:22
10. "The Dogtown Shuffle" Hunter, Roth, Tuggle 4:58
11. "It's Showtime!" Jason Becker, Roth 3:46
12. "Drop in the Bucket" Becker, Roth 5:05