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Night Owl

Record must be washed before using
Artist: Gerry Rafferty
Country: NL
Released: 1979
Style: Pop Rock
Format: LP
Media condition: VG+

Night Owl is a 1979 album by Gerry Rafferty. It was released a year after Rafferty's Platinum-selling album City to City. While not quite performing as well as its predecessor, Night Owl still managed enough sales to achieve platinum status in Canada, gold in the United Kingdom, and gold status in the U.S. The title song reached No. 5 on the UK charts. The album made the UK Top 10.

Track list:
1. "Days Gone Down (Still Got the Light in Your Eyes)" 6:31
2. "Night Owl" 6:11
3. "The Way That You Do It" 5:08
4. "Why Won't You Talk To Me?" 3:59
5. "Get It Right Next Time" 4:40
6. "Take the Money and Run" 5:48
7. "Family Tree" 5:55
8. "Already Gone" 4:54
9. "The Tourist" 4:14
10. "It's Gonna Be a Long Night" 4:22